Friday, November 2, 2012

Please watch your angle

I like America. I love Americans. And once again, like in the days and weeks after September 11 2001, I am 100% behind Americans as they struggle in the face of disaster.

But I do have to say this: Please, please, please watch your angle here.

Once again, I am seeing comments like “We Americans are the most resilient and the most loving.”

I do love Americans. But I do, I do, I do resent the notion that we – the rest of the world – are somehow less genuine, less loving, less human...

It is one thing to love your country and your people,
to cherish and to be proud
and to find strength in unity in a time of crisis.

It is something totally different to elevate them “Über alles in der Welt”. 

Please don’t go there again.


Hurricane Sandy meets Atlantic City’s famous Boardwalk.
Image credits: Dann Cuellar / AP

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